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May was the toughest yet by Blair
June 9, 2008, 10:05 am
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Dear Daria,

The box of green bits you sent for May threw me for a loop and I didn’t even realize it. There it all sat…on my work table…staring at me. Capped off by those little pots of fabric ink. My thinking ran the full gammet of possibilities. I could use a little of that ink…or a lot… I could use a little of the fabric…or a lot… Some days I would feel like just jumping in there, with no plan, and tackling it with whatever on-the-fly inspiration I had that day, but I held back and finally felt I came at it with some sort of creative plan. Here’s what I did.

Rather than use the large green piece you gave me as the base/background, I decided to use some quilter’s muslin I had (I worried that the green fabric and the light green ink were too close in color). I fiddled around with a pattern repeat I’d pulled from somewhere ages ago, which I drew out onto acetate (2 separate sheets, to cut out one for each color placement). Then taped them down over the muslin, one at a time, and pounced the ink on with a sponge. I like the way the darker green ink came out, but I was hoping for more even coverage for the lighter green (I think I should use a finer sponge). Each color required a couple of coats, which also affected the surface hand. But anyway, I reach a point where I was ready to move on to the fabric, so added the various fabric you sent a dots in between the patterns. I like the way it turned out.

This whole fabric printing business came at a really good time for the amount of brainspace I had for it. Its something I’d like to do more of, so you pushed me in the right direction D.

And yes, I think June’s theme is hard. Hard to put the box together, hard to find the inspiration for. Maybe now that the kids are home for summer break, we should get them to help us, no? :



a box of green for May by Blair
May 14, 2008, 4:08 pm
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what Daria sent me this month

Dear Daria,

I welcome the green color this month. Such a good solid, overused and well loved shade. I’m not begrudging overuse of this color, no way, I mean, it is my favorite. I look forward to using the greens you sent in some new way. A way I haven’t exactly defined yet.

I love how many shades of good green there are in the box you sent. Some demure, some much more outspoken. But all willing to work together.

And then there’s the matter of those two tiny pots of the shiniest, greenest fabric paint you sent. A very fun little twist.