eight by eight


(our official eightbyeight shipping boxes)

The Project

eightbyeight is our year-long art challenge. Each month we’ll send each other an 8″ x 8″ box of materials; each month we’ll use those materials to make an 8″ x 8″ piece based on that month’s theme.

Over coffee one day we discovered that we were both restlessly wishing for a new project that would push us to rethink our creative comfort zones a little bit. We liked the idea of working small, within a specific theme, & with materials that we would not necessarily have chosen ourselves.

  • January: new
  • February: cozy
  • March: color pairing (surprise)
  • April: square
  • May: green
  • June: button
  • July: water
  • August: thread
  • September: recycle
  • October: 1 color (surprise)
  • November: city
  • December: shiny

The People

Blair has a blog, wise craft, where she writes about living, crafting, and creating with (and without) her family. She has a husband and two children who can’t believe she just started this second blog, but realize how much fun she has doing it so let her be. She is hoping that this project will push her into thinking about creating in new and different ways. Plus, it gives her a chance to talk with Daria, who does some pretty cool things with glitter and patchwork.

Daria spends a lot of her time gluing glitter to stuff & sewing; she expects that this project will give her a chance to explore ways of gluing glitter to stuff that she’s sewing. She blogs at glittergoods.


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