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april finished piece by Blair
May 2, 2008, 11:48 am
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You were a very clever girl to have gathered the bits you sent me from charm packs, to go along with our theme of “square”. I loved each of the prints and actually had in my mind a finished piece very similar to yours, using them as squares within the larger square. But when I sat down to work on them I decided on strips of them, all mixed up. I am sticking to my commitment to myself of doing each month’s eight by eight project in one sitting (which sometimes leads to, um, interesting effects), so in an afternoon I had several strips of pretty prints, all kind of loosely based on this pillow I saw in one of the magazines I got recently-

I thought it would be interesting to combine these into strips and zig zag stitch them on to the beige large swatch, similar to that pillow in the photo. I wasn’t loving my result until I added the teal blue binding-

I don’t remember where I got it, but it has got to be the most narrow width of binding I’ve ever tried to sew over an edge (which I’m now thinking it wasn’t meant to do, but whatever). Once I added it, it all felt much more cohesive to me. This was good practice for me, I’m always trying to get nice sharp corners. As Melissa once said about her (always lovely) quilt binding, “Next time will be perfect.”

The charcoal embroidery thread you included added a little more handwork, which I liked adding to this piece. I just roughly marked parallel lines and handstitched a running stitch across them.

As I said, you totally got my April package to you, it is perfect!

Is it May already? Okay, your “post” May Day package of “green” is on its way (can you guess I’m behind).

For anyone joining in, you can check out our entire gallery of past month’s eight by eight projects in our Flickr group.


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I love this! Fantastic work!

Comment by kelly

Lovely! I think this piece would look really pretty sitting next to Daria’s piece from March! Love the inspiration pillow, too!

Comment by melissa s.

Wow- nice work using up bits and pieces for something. those fabrics are amazing. I love the zigzag edges and then the embroidery (I think I spy some emboirdered stitches) is super nice.

Comment by Betty

That’s beautiful! When I first looked I was reminded of under sea images, the bright turquoise seas filled with corals and fish and sea weed like you see on the travel channels. GORGEOUS!

Comment by TACE

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