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March: finished project by daria
March 31, 2008, 9:13 pm
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Dear Blair,

This has been done for a couple of days, but the surprise March sleet has been interfering with my photo light for the surprise March color pairing, ahem.  Plus, I had to sit around thinking about how much I love your project before I could post about mine.  I love it!


Ok, so, I took the fabrics you sent, added a handful of solid cottons from my scrap box, & gave foundation piecing a whirl.  I’m not sure it’s a technique that will become part of my standard toolbox (not like the paper bag trick you used, which I’m dying to try), but I will say that it was very easy to handle some pretty fiddly little bits of fabric this way.  I used my rotary cutter to slice the fabric up into little freehand strips, then sewed them down to a muslin backing (more pics on flickr), & while the end result is thicker & lumpier (seamwise, I mean) than I would want in many cases, it was a lot of fun for this little project.


I initially made three strips, but felt like the piece needed something more, so I cut each of those in half the long way & sewed everything back together.  I added a few embellishments with the felt & ric rac you included in the box, then decided that this was the perfect opportunity to test out the square loop quilting design I’ve been working out.


Of course, with all the extra seaming & then the fairly heavy quilting, I came up short on size, so I decided to add a scrap of the uneven foundation-pieced ends across the bottom, since that skyline effect was actually one of my favorite results of the technique.  I ended up having to trim off most of the interesting bits when I cut the piece down to size (bad planning = making the piece too large & having important sections, pre-trimming, at both top & bottom).  Still, it’s something I’ll remember about doing strips that way.

I absolutely agree with you, the size & scope of these projects makes them feel very manageable, a perfect little way to try out new ideas or new techniques.  (I do really wish I could find my notebook, though.)


*As usual, I posted larger images than usual for the big reveal but looks like our template cuts off the sides so be sure to click the pictures for full size or check them out on the 8×8 flickr.


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I love the combination of colors and all the little pieces.

Comment by Kirsten

I love this! I love that blue thread on the green squares and the ric rac and felt embellishments. perfect!

Comment by melissa s.

Wow, you guys just keep the good stuff comin’. That is brilliant, the colours and all. I especially love how you used itty bitty scraps (of which I have many) and it inspires me to maybe one day try my hand at quilting them. Sooo pretty, thanks for sharing!

Comment by TACE

loopy squares! i love it!

Comment by erin

Daria, I love it! The bits of blue and green mixed that way really makes them glow. You are the rock star of working with small pieces of fabric!

Comment by blair

Another stunner. I adore these colours.

Comment by Tanya

This is a really pretty little piece! your blog is really enjoyable, I love the idea.

Comment by amanda

Wow how cute that is, really like the small felt pieces you added in. I love making little quilt pieces like that too!

Comment by iHanna

I love the tinyness of it all. Super cute.

Comment by Betty

this is lovely!

Comment by cindy k

I love how well the texture shows in these photos.

Comment by apple cyder

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