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March: surprise color pairing, finally by daria
March 24, 2008, 10:58 am
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Dear Blair!

The auction is done!  I can breathe!   I thought there would be time to sneak some 8×8 earlier in this month, but I also thought that I was taking on a reasonable amount of work for the auction, so there you go.

First of all, lo these many weeks ago you sent me this:


I would just like to point out that not only is half of our palette basically the same, but that we sent each other the exact same Denyse Schmidt fabric (which continues to be one of my favorites in that particular colorway).  I love this tonal bunch of fabrics, plus I love how differently we approached the theme (aside from our shared devotion to DS).

Even though I haven’t been around on the computer, I’ve found a second here & there to do some sketching for this month, only apparently sometime in the last two days I put a bunch of important things, including my eight by eight moleskine, somewhere very safe, so I’ll have to get back to you about my project plans.  I think they involve foundation piecing, just because after all of the big quilting I’ve been doing lately, I am in the mood to work smaller & fussier, plus I’ve never tried it before.

Speaking of never having tried something before, can’t wait to see how the paper bag situation works out for you.  That quilt you posted is my absolute favorite project in the entire book (are you surprised?), & I think something along those lines could be pretty fantastic in a stripped down two-color palette.

Ok, actually, only ONE auction is done, so I’m off to finish up my (much smaller) projects for the second one.  I’ll be back soon, I promise!  Maybe I’ll even find my moleskine before then!



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That’s so funny you sent each other the same piece of material. Ya gotta wonder if by the end of the year y’all will be able to read each other’s minds and will make the exact same project, that would be a hoot.

Comment by TACE

i love that ds print too – funny how you both chose it.

Comment by erin

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