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February: Finished Project by daria
February 29, 2008, 3:09 pm
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Dear Blair,

I really loved the materials you sent for COZY*, & started thinking about layered organic shapes just about as soon as I opened the box.


I worked on the little pieces separately over the course of a few days, then had to set the whole thing aside for a while. When I picked it back up, it was pretty obvious: I’d been making a (cozy) box of chocolates. I’d thought I was just being inspired by the shapes & layering of this amazing quilt, plus the imaginary Martha Stewart article I was talking about, but then my husband came home talking about a Japanese craft book of tiny felted desserts he’d seen, plus it turns out that a big half-price box of post-Valentine candy got in there too.


So I totally went for it.


Down to the little gray salt sprinkles.


After all the fussy embellishing & quilting I did last month, this project felt very sweet & simple. I had the perfect candy paper brown corduroy for the background, & I kept my quilting to a minimum, just doing a couple of echo lines around each “chocolate,” then edging with a wide zigzag.

And now, onto Color Pairing!

*Just like last month, I posted larger images than usual for the big reveal but looks like our template cuts off the sides so be sure to click the pictures for full size or check them out on the 8×8 flickr.


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I know a box of chocolates gives me some pretty cozy feelings! Great piece!

Comment by TACE

it’s lovely, daria.

Comment by erin

i adore this box of chocolates. the textures, the layers. i could eat it up.

Comment by emily

Ah! I love it! What a great idea to turn these bits into little confections. Just perfect.

Will post mine next week. xo

Comment by blair

you guys are really amazing, this is gorgeous!!!!

Comment by leslie

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