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my inspiration is out there somewhere, I just know it by daria
February 15, 2008, 11:10 pm
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Dear Blair,

Those felt pictures are unspeakably fabulous.  (Successful trip to Kinokuniya?)  I think my favorite thing might be the pompoms on the box, though the dots are indeed excellent.


Yes, I’m up to my neck in competently managing my roles in a bunch of other stuff right now, but I’ve also had this month’s project on my mind almost constantly, because I opened the box & almost instantly knew what I wanted to do, plus I have this feeling that in one of my MSL back issues there’s the exactly perfectly visually inspiring pink + brown article, only I haven’t had time to dig through the collection & see if it’s true or if I’m just imagining it or if I’m just half-remembering the background colors of some other completely different article, like artfully photographed spoons or something.

On the other hand, it’s possible that the nagging possibility of the article is actually more inspiring to me than having the actual magazine in front of me would be, which is a pleasantly lazy solution, & I could use a little laziness about now.


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I am enjoying the peek in to your design journal or notebook there. I mean heck maybe it’s an accounting book and you just doodled on a blank page but I love that you’re sharing this part of the process. Always neat to see how other people approach a project, how they start. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by TACE

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