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January is done by Blair
February 2, 2008, 12:04 pm
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Dear Daria,

Wow! I love how yours turned out. You managed to take a group of fabrics that I put together while thinking things like what a great patchwork they would make, etc… and you did something I totally did not expect. Your woodgrain is brilliant, am I’m most impressed that you found a way to use that white ring (cause I would have wondered “wha??” if you’d sent that to me). And I believe we both thought about that postcard I sent to you as we did our projects, it shows in both our projects.
OK, here’s my January piece-

completed square for January

I alluded to all the snowflake thinking that went on in my brain this month, after I changed my blog banner, got your package of neutrals and whites, and watched it snow at least three separate times out my window this month.

detail of sequins

My initial thought was that I would be at a loss as to what to do with the clear sequins you sent, but those ended up being so fun and easy to place, addictive too (I don’t think I’ve worked with sequins since I knitted a poncho for Emma several years ago, of her own design, hence the sequins). It again, seemed natural to create a snowy, snowflake-like feeling with them, so I stitched them onto the appliqued snowflake.

cut snowflake

Can you tell I was having fun with Amy’s paper cutting when I did that beige snowflake? That was the first thing I did. Next I decided to embroider and sew sequins on the cotton batting that you sent, and I’ll say batting definitely prefers the sequins, it was a little tough to embroider because the stitches could possibly pull through. I decided to knit i-cord out of the embroidery floss you sent, just because I’ve never tried knitting with it. That became the white wood between the “window panes”. Oh, and, guess what, I lost a a button or two myself.

The part that stumped me the most was the ribbon. I kept thinking and rethinking what to do with it, and in the end I just sewed myself on a small award ribbon for actually completing January’s piece on time! I love that I didn’t allow myself the out of starting over on this piece. I created it quite organically, not pre-planning anything beyond snowflakes.
On to February! Your box was mailed yesterday. I will anxiously await the unfolding of this month’s theme of “cozy”.


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You guys have done such really cooool work. Both pieces make think of cool weather. This one in particular is like looking out a window at an icy snowy day. This has been fun waiting to see the final pieces and then the reveal! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by TACE


Comment by RID

you piece turned out great blair

Comment by Jen b

Thank you, Blair, for sharing all the steps in your process. This is nearly as inspiring as the final beautiful result. It is very new to me to think of myself as an artist, biologist is the label I’ve held for soooo long. Your process feels so familiar, that I am forced to admit that there is some artist in me. Again, many thanks for sharing all the steps. I am thrilled to think of all the months to come.

Comment by lorien

This is great! The fragment of the linen snowflake is my favorite, plus look at you knitting with embroidery floss! I never would have thought of that.

Comment by daria

both of the january pieces are gorgeous! well done, ladies.

Comment by erin

I love your scene. That is what I love about winter – looking out the window when it snows.

Comment by Cathy T

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