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snowy whites by Blair
January 28, 2008, 8:52 pm
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Dear Daria,

Every time I’ve picked up my eight by eight project pieces from you this month, I’ve wondered if somehow you had a foreshadowing that Seattle would have so much snow this month (isn’t there more to come tonight?)…or that Shari would entice us all with her idea of posting lovely winter whites last week. This image struck a chord with me, as did Siri’s frosty white images, Alicia’s too. I was totally clueless about the winter whites when I posted my white pictures last week (I’m so behind on my blog reading right now), but I do love it when it feels as if some serindipidous thinking is happening in the blog world. White does feel very “clean” as I’m sure was your thinking when you sent this package to me, and, yes, it feels very new in a blank slate sort of way. Its apparently feeling that way to many of us.

Even my newest book, The Left Bank Look, alludes to “A Blank Slate” on its pages. Perfect timing!
I have thoroughly enjoyed interpreting this project this month. I really can’t wait to see our finished January pieces. I’m clearing wall space in my studio this week to hang each piece up when its complete, so I can see them.

I think that means its time to mail out our February box, right?


p.s.- You inspired me, I went out and bought new Moleskins too. Doesn’t it just make you think more clearly?


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Oh boy, the end of the first month! I was just thinkin, are ya gonna show your finished pieces each month or wait for a big TA DA reveal at the end of the year? Am just curious, also will you keep the piece you made or send it back to your partner?

Comment by TACE

Yes! We will most definitely be having an end of the month reveal, so check back!

Comment by blair

wooohooo can’t wait!

Comment by TACE

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