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January: inspiration by daria
January 13, 2008, 3:56 pm
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Dear Blair,

The best thing about that video is the techno music in the background. Clearly, we need a soundtrack. (Actually, I loved the final step, drawing a rectangle & then cutting away everything outside of it. Does she work in specific dimensions? That book is on hold for me at the library, by the way. I’m heading over today to get it.)

I’ve been looking at small quilts too, though the two magazines are showing work that’s very different than Williamson’s, more in the altered book/scrapbooking/collage genre, lots of vintage children wearing collaged tall pointy hats, things like that (particularly in the Somerset mag I picked up, though it seems like that’s pretty typical for Somerset in general). I’m fascinated by the elaborate layering that goes on in work like this.


I like the repetition of form here (from Sew Somerset 2007).


I like numbers (Sew Somerset).


These are more “quilterly” works, I guess, lots of hand-dyed & embroidery, I’m attracted to the fact that the media is not quite so mixed (Quilting Arts Dec/Jan 08).

These projects are inspiring in the ANYTHING GOES sort of sense, but they’re also very visually… noisy. I’m rolling the idea of a layered fabric collage around in my head, but I want something much calmer & cleaner.

Like this:


The more I look at it, the more I love this Port2Port postcard you included in the box. It has just the right amount of noise.


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Hmmmmm….now I’ll be wondering all night what we would use for our soundtrack. You know I have soft spot for 80’s power ballads when the mood hits (although I don’t tell just anybody that).

Comment by blair

Thats a neat looking postcard. I am enjoying this year long art project you guys are doing. It will be fun to see what each month brings!!
I didn’t realize you’d be blogging about your ideas and inspirations etc. How cool!

Comment by TACE

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